Axon Partners Group Consulting has been commissioned by the Telecommunications Regulatory Authority of the Sultanate of Oman (TRA) to support in the establishment of wholesale charges for the next five years; an initiative that will exert a relevant influence in shaping the evolution of the sector in coming years.

As part of this assignment, Axon is assisting the TRA in a Public Consultation process regarding the methodology to be applied in Bottom-Up Long-Run incremental Cost (BULRIC) modelling.

A paper that describes a number of key issues for the development and implementation of BULRIC models for fixed and mobile networks has been published by the TRA, in order to encourage stakeholders to contribute their views.

For more information on the Public Consultation process, please click here.

Axon Partners Group Consulting (Axon Consulting) has supported the Telecoms Regulator in Costa Rica (SUTEL) in shaping its telecoms sector policy, adding to its increasing list of institutional projects.

Axon Consulting has provided advice to the Telecommunications Superintendency of Costa Rica (SUTEL) during 2013 on issues related to setting telecom tariffs, analysing the cost data provided by the fixed telecom incumbent (ICE) and ensuring that the methodologies and tools used for policy purposes in Costa Rica are aligned with international best practice. This advisory included a high-level analysis of the telecoms market.

In addition, Axon Consulting has assessed the SUTEL’s review of the methodology and principles for the implementation of regulatory cost accounting systems. This assessment included a detailed evaluation of the cost accounting and accounting separation obligations and the definition of the procedures for implementation, preparation and revision of cost accounting results.

As a result of Axon’s work, new fixed telecom tariffs have been established (available here) and the SUTEL has issued a public consultation on regulatory cost accounting and accounting separation obligations (available to download here).

Recently, Axon Partners Group was also selected through a competitive tender process by the SUTEL to develop a Bottom-Up LRIC (BULRIC) costing model for mobile networks in Costa Rica. The objective is to move the development of mobile services in Costa Rica forward by setting end-user (price cap) tariffs that are applied to the mobile telephony market (voice, data and messaging), as well as the wholesale (interconnection) tariffs.


Axon Consulting has been selected to review existing Costa Rican framework for the universalisation of telecommunication services.

Adding to its increasing list of institutional projects, Axon Partners Groups’ consulting division (Axon Consulting) has been selected to support the Telecoms Regulator in Costa Rica (SUTEL) in shaping the tools for developing telecommunication services in the country. Axon Consulting will advise on SUTEL’s universalisation strategy (via its Universal Service Fund FONATEL) to ensure the accessibility and affordability of telephony and broadband services to as many communities and people as possible.

Axon Consulting will evaluate the digital divide in Costa Rica, review the regulatory framework for Universal Service and Access and support the development of the regulatory and legal tools to impose specific obligations to operators for services’ universalisation. This will support FONATEL’s current strategy of reducing the digital divide through investment in infrastructure and telecommunications services projects (subsidised private initiatives via tendering), which began in 2013. FONATEL has successfully launched several projects, totaling an investment of $71 million, to provide voice and broadband Internet services to certain rural regions covering 500,000 people.

Axon’s work will now enable SUTEL to understand the implications of the digital divide from a strategic and costing perspective and to consider alternatives for the universalisation of services in Costa Rica based on best international practices.

This project places Axon in a strategic position in the development of telecommunication services and their universalisation in Latin America, as well as in the definition of broadband strategy plans. Recently, as part of the ‘Broadband for all’ initiative, Axon Consulting has assessed the financial implications of including broadband access within the scope of Universal Service Obligations on behalf of the European Commission. Furthermore, Axon Consulting is a leading contributor to this type of public policies and regulations in Europe; Axon has revised and developed the methodologies for determining the Net Cost of the Universal Service in Spain, Portugal, Greece and Italy.

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Telefónica Mexico has commissioned Axon Consulting to carry out an independent study to explore the impact that current pricing practices have on the Mexican mobile market, paying particular interest to the discrimination between on-net and off-net calls.

The potential effects and economic rationale of on-net/off-net price discrimination by dominant operators has been widely explored in academic literature. However, to the best of our knowledge, this is the first time that the effects of specific pricing practices and price plans on the consumers and competition have been assessed in a quantitative manner.

Axon Consulting’s report has been appreciated by policymakers and industry specialists. In an article published in the national press on March 17 2014, Senator Gerardo Florez described the study as ‘rigorous and solidly built from a methodological point of view’.

On 24 March, President Peña submitted to the Mexican Senate the much anticipated draft secondary law for Telecoms Reform for its debate and eventual approval. The draft secondary law incorporates a provision forbidding the so-called ‘preponderant’ operator to discriminate between on-net calls and off-net calls.

El 7 de noviembre el Instituto Federal de Telecomunicaciones de México aprobó una decisión en la que se establecían las condiciones de las Ofertas de Referencia que Telmex (titular de la línea fija) y Telcel (la filial de América Móviles y el mayor operador móvil del país) publicarán antes del 21 de noviembre de 2014.
La petición incluye Ofertas para MVNO, Roaming Nacional, Líneas Arrendadas e infraestructuras compartidas para redes fijas y móviles. Esta decisión sigue la histórica determinación adoptada en marzo de 2014 por Ifetel en la que se imponía un gran número de medidas a los denominados operadores “dominantes” en México.
La publicación de las ofertas de referencia para estos servicios se entiende que marca un importante hito en el sector en México y representa un paso clave en la apertura de las redes de operadores dominantes a los competidores. 
La experiencia internacional sugiere que los servicios mayoristas, que estarán ahora disponibles, pueden traer nuevos competidores a los mercados y facilitar la expansión de la red y la ampliación de operadores más pequeños.
La división de Axon Consulting actuó como asesor de IFETEL durante este proceso.

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