5G Workshop

February the 19th in Berlin, Axon Partners Group led a workshop about the 5G application ecosystem and the financing gaps of SMEs innovating on new use cases that are or will be using 5G.

The workshop was hosted by the European Investment Bank (EIB) and the European Commission and had a very good representation of equipment manufacturers, telecom operators, investors, telecom regulators, incubators and SMEs.

During the event, our CEO Alfonso De Leon, Jorge Martínez Morando, and Álvaro Neira Rey presented the preliminary findings and recommendations developed after months of research and interviews with several start-ups, investors and industry experts.

The meeting was very useful and active to get feedback from main stakeholders. In the upcoming weeks, we will be fine-tuning the messages based on yesterday’s discussions.

We would like to thank all the participants (in both the workshop and the study) for your contributions and constructive feedback.


“It was really interesting to receive feedback with such diverse audience. Such interactions are very important to understand the perception and point of view of all relevant stakeholders, even if they may have different interests.”

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