Argentinian Telecoms industry meets to discuss Cost Model project

Representatives of the Ministry of Communications (Secom) and the National Communications Commission (CNC) of Argentina met with members of the telecommunications industry to present a project to develop cost models for the sector, which Axon Consulting has been commissioned carry out.
Representatives of Telefónica, Telecom Italia and América Móvil  fixed and mobile subsidiaries, Telecentro (a cable operator), Cámara Argentina de Internet (Cabase) and Associations that group local cooperatives, among others,  attended the meeting, held at the CNC’s headquarters in Buenos Aires, Argentina.
The Secretary of Communication, Norberto Berner, commented that the initiative “will enable an ecosystem of comprehensive and integrated telecommunications to be built, with better supply, quality and greater choice for users.”
Nicholás Karavaski, a representative of the CNC, said “this is the most important moment of the project, where each of the players in the sector can provide its information in order to redefine the telecommunications industry…”

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