Assessment of QoS measurements implemented by the postal incumbent operator in Spain

Project executed on behalf of Spanish Comisión Nacional de los Mercados y la Competencia (CNMC)

Project Objective

The project’s objective was to review the system implemented by Correos, the incumbent postal operator in Spain, for measuring the Quality of Service associated with any services provided under its universal service obligations (such as letters, parcels, registered items, insured items, etc.).

Project Description

Our work aimed to verify the system’s alignment with applicable international standards (such as UNE-EN 13850:2013), its accuracy and the avoidance of any calculation errors.

In particular, this required carrying out the following activities:

  • Analysis of the scheme implemented by Correos for the measurement of Quality of Service. Correos’ system relies on real information for a sample of deliveries, executed by external panellists who send letters weekly, acting as collaborators. Our review covered the following fields: Geographical distribution of the deliveries, workload of the collaborators, and instructions given to the collaborators who participated in the process.
  • Interviews of the collaborators for their feedback, which was subsequently used for proposed improvements in Correos’ system
  • Assessment of the quality control and evaluation tools implemented by Correos
  • Auditing Correos’ calculation rules for the main Quality of Service indicators, with the most important one being end-to-end delivery time.
  • Dispatching a sample of actual deliveries in order to verify the correctness of the data collected within Correos’ system regarding time of shipment (at the point of origin) and time of delivery (at the point of destination).

Key Takeaways

The project’s results helped the client ensure compliance with its regulatory obligations on Universal Service and justify the calculation of its compensation for the performance of these obligations.