Aurora I, Axon’s Fund of Funds platform, has already committed to 17 funds

During Q1 2021, Aurora I has continued investing in top global players, in both the ICT and Life Sciences sectors. During the quarter, the Fund of Funds has committed to 6 additional funds, taking the total number of commitments to 17 exceptional funds.

Balderton – One of the most established and successful GPs in the world. The firm was originally founded as Benchmark Europe, and later spun out as an independent, fully European manager with a global reach. This fund will invest in the best growth stage companies, perform founder secondary transactions, and will also double down on the best companies from previous portfolios.

Red Dot – One of most successful late-stage investors in Israel focusing on the emerging growth opportunity in fields such as Cybersecurity, Cloud and Automation. The fund is managed by a highly experienced team, including Yoram Oron who is considered to be one of the founders of Israeli ecosystem. Highly operational background and unique focus on helping companies expand to Asia creates an exclusive competitive advantage for this manager which allows them to participate even in the most competitive deals worldwide. The thesis of the fund is that the new wave of Israeli entrepreneurs is no longer looking to develop a technology and quickly sell it to the highest bidder, but instead are looking to create large stand-alone companies. This trend is clearly visible looking at the Israeli ecosystem over the last several years and confirmed by many industry experts, including our own research.

HelloWorld – An emerging manager out of Spain focusing on pre-seed and seed investments in highly sophisticated technology companies. The GP of the fund was previously a partner at one of the best performing funds in Germany, and is currently looking to replicate this success across Europe with his own fund.

Pale Blue Dot – An emerging manager focusing on climate change. This manager possesses a unique financially driven approach to climate impact investing, which centers around the idea that technology does not only enable cleaner production but also more cost effective, which is still the main driver of corporate decision making.

Forbion – One of the most established and respected European Life Sciences VC managers focusing on drug development from company creation to crossover. This manager possesses one of the most remarkable Life Sciences track records and is currently positioned incredibly well to cease the post-COVID healthcare opportunity in Europe and the US. Aurora has committed in two different strategies currently managed by the GP reinforcing our positioning as a Life Sciences investor.

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