Axon Consulting Holds the Key to Top Profitability Management Specially Designed for Telecoms

As competition increases, CAPEX requirements mount and broadband services approach the maturity stage, concerns about long-term profitability keep rapidly increasing among telecoms operators.

Telcos are shifting focus from growth towards profitability. This shift demands a new strategic orientation supported by appropriate tools and procedures.

Axon Partners Group has designed and brought to life the definitive Costing and Profitability Management Solution specially oriented to Telecoms.

This new release of our costing and profitability software delivers unprecedented level of insight in terms of the profitability of commercial segments and sub-segments, services and value propositions or price plans, as well as key unit cost metrics – information highly relevant for controlling and strategy setting purposes.

Our solution is the result of years of expertise in costing and profitability management within telecom markets. Some of the key benefits that it brings to Telecom Operators include the following:

  • A software tool ready-for-use than can be tailored in a fast, autonomous and cost-effective way
  • An organizationally sustainable solution designed for long-term impact thanks to reduced maintenance and update costs
  • Automated conciliation with financial statements and proper consideration of all costs, including network related costs
  • Clarity and consistency on profitability metrics across the organization
  • Powerful reporting with drill-down capabilities up to great level of detail
  • Minimal or no impact on existing financial systems and processes.

Julio Villalobos, Axon Partners Group Managing Partner, highlights that “more and more, we see how our clients in the telecoms arena struggle to conciliate the need for long-term strategic management of profitability with the short term urgencies of tactical pricing and achievement of commercial targets. This tension is made worse by the lack of consistent measures and frameworks across the organization for managing such decisions. We believe our Costing & Profitability Management Solution is an answer to these nearly universal woes in the industry. We have actually seen how it has enormous potential to drive real and sustained positive impact in financial performance.”

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