Axon Consulting involved in shaping Costa Rica telecoms policy

Axon Partners Group Consulting (Axon Consulting) has supported the Telecoms Regulator in Costa Rica (SUTEL) in shaping its telecoms sector policy, adding to its increasing list of institutional projects.

Axon Consulting has provided advice to the Telecommunications Superintendency of Costa Rica (SUTEL) during 2013 on issues related to setting telecom tariffs, analysing the cost data provided by the fixed telecom incumbent (ICE) and ensuring that the methodologies and tools used for policy purposes in Costa Rica are aligned with international best practice. This advisory included a high-level analysis of the telecoms market.

In addition, Axon Consulting has assessed the SUTEL’s review of the methodology and principles for the implementation of regulatory cost accounting systems. This assessment included a detailed evaluation of the cost accounting and accounting separation obligations and the definition of the procedures for implementation, preparation and revision of cost accounting results.

As a result of Axon’s work, new fixed telecom tariffs have been established (available here) and the SUTEL has issued a public consultation on regulatory cost accounting and accounting separation obligations (available to download here).

Recently, Axon Partners Group was also selected through a competitive tender process by the SUTEL to develop a Bottom-Up LRIC (BULRIC) costing model for mobile networks in Costa Rica. The objective is to move the development of mobile services in Costa Rica forward by setting end-user (price cap) tariffs that are applied to the mobile telephony market (voice, data and messaging), as well as the wholesale (interconnection) tariffs.


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