Axon Consulting Leads Infrastructure Sharing Project for Mexican Telecoms Regulator

The project is related to the regulatory remedies imposed to America Movil Group in the Mexican market. In particular, the assignment will focus on the infrastructure sharing obligations where the incumbent must offer access to the passive fiber optic network (FTTH-GPON). Infrastructure sharing is internationally considered an effective way of promoting competition and lowering network deployment costs. Axon Consulting has been engaged by IFT, the Mexican Telecoms Regulator, to support in the process of unbundling the incumbent’s fixed next generation access networks. Axon Consulting’s team will develop a cost model to set the rates for the virtual unbundled access (VULA). Our firm has been collaborating with IFT since 2014 in several assignments stemming from the Mexican Telco Reform that imply asymmetric regulation to “preponderant economic agents”.


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