Axon Consulting presents to AFTIC the progress on the cost model analysis project

Axon Partners Group Consulting (‘Axon Consulting’) acting as technical adviser, presented to the President of the Federal Authority for Information Technology and Communications of Argentina (AFTIC), Norberto Berner, the progress on the project of cost modelling operators in fixed, mobile and broadband Internet, as well as mobile virtual network operators.

During this year, the former National Communications Commission (NCC) awarded Axon Consulting with this project, based on the design and development of ICT cost models. The aim of the project is to have a broad knowledge of the national telecommunications ecosystem. Since the Argentina Digital Law was enacted, it is necessary to have a cost structure models of ICT services operators in both dimensions and have an analysis tool to define policies in order to establish specific conditions of pricing and rating, allowing to fix costs in the interconnection between licensees.

Through the application of this model would be possible to define interconnection costs, access charges, termination, transit, sub-loops access and unbundled loops, provision of additional facilities, access and sharing of passive infrastructure, as well as wholesale sales of broadband internet among others.


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