Axon has been selected to support the Danish Business Authority in the regulation of fixed telecom markets

On April 2019, DBA appointed Axon to provide support during the review of the fixed telecom markets regulation in Denmark. In the context of the project, Axon will develop the cost model for fixed networks in Denmark. Axon will advise DBA to set wholesale prices for fixed access services (such as LLU or VULA) based on the outcomes of the model, the competition dynamics and the realities of Danish market. The objectives of the project involve promoting investment in very high capacity networks (VHNC) and fostering competition in the market.

Axon will cope the complexities of the Danish market, such as the patchwork of technologies (fibre, copper and coaxial) and the existence of multiple regional providers in the market (Denmark has more than 140 fixed operators). In addition, this model will be a pioneer under the new European Electronic Communications Code (EECC).

The project was launched between DBA and Axon in a kick-off meeting celebrated in Copenhagen on 2nd April 2019. The project involves several interactions with the industry to provide transparency, allow the industry to provide feedback and ensure the model is fit-for-purpose for the Danish market.

For further information about Axon’s relevant experience please take a look here or contact any of our experts.

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