Axon Partners Group exited Nice People at Work

Axon Partners Group has successfully exited Nice People at Work(, multiplying the investment more than eleven times with an annualized return of over 60%. Nice People at Work is a company, founded in Barcelona, which provides real-time data analytics technology solutions for video. Axon was the only institutional investor in the company with an investment of less than one million euros.

Axon invested in Nice People at Work in 2014 as part of an investment strategy designed for the video sector (a strategy that also involved other successful investments such as or Akamon). 

Since Axon invested, the company grew exponentially, from insignificant sales in 2014 to revenues of more than ten million euros and an EBITDA of more than two million at the start of 2019. Nice employs 150 people and has a commercial presence worldwide, especially in the US, where Nice opened its office in 2016 and has become a strategic provider of large clients such as, telecommunications operators and Hollywood studios. All this happened in less than five years.

Axon’s team contributed in all areas, from organizational changes and improvements, to legal support for the defense of technology in the American market. Axon was also involved in the corporate strategy of the sale of the company.

We are delighted to have participated in Nice People at Work because it is an example of how with few resources you can build a world-class technological company capable not only of competing, but also of leading, the most difficult markets in the world. We are also grateful to Ferran Gutierrez, Sergi Verges and Otto Wust, an exceptional team of people capable of doing a lot with little, with humility and intelligence ” says Francisco Velázquez, President of Axon and until recently advisor of Nice.

After 6 years, I can say little about Axon as a company that invested in NPAW, but I would have a lot to explain as the partners and mentors that have been for the founder team. Thanks for the support and confidence you have given us these last 6 years.”, says Ferran Gutiérrez, CEO and co-founder of Nice People.

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