Axon Partners Group invests EUR 4M in HolaLuz, the first 100% online electric company, using renewable energy

Axon Partners Group has invested EUR 4M in, energy and soon-to-be gas trader, a leading, innovative company in Spain that operates mainly through digital channels. The company currently has a portfolio of 60,000 customers, both domestic and SMEs, and is growing at a pace of nearly 3,000 new clients per month. HolaLuz has billed about EUR 70M in 2015, representing a 143% increase over last year’s performance.
The key of success lies in its aim to revolutionize the energy sector in Spain, based on a business model focused on the pillars of price transparency, good customer service and 100% renewable energy.
The investment has been made through Axon ICT III, which supports Spanish companies that are in a growth stage and have plans for international development, thus being able to leverage Axon’s extensive international presence through its local teams across numerous continents. The Axon ICT III fund is formed by internationally renowned investors, including the Instituto de Crédito Oficial of Spain through its vehicle, Fond –ICO. will use the proceeds from this round to consolidate its position in the sector as the leader in the transformation of the energy industry and the first independent power trader, and will help to position its new product for gas, HolaGas.
Alfonso de Leon, Managing Partner of Axon Partners Group, comments, “We are very impressed by the achievements of to date, especially for reaching this stage so far without any external investment and as leader in the online energy trading sector. In HolaLuz, we have found a team of talented entrepreneurs leading a project that already has a strong presence in the market as well as a huge potential to grow with this investment”.
Carlota Pi, Founding Partner of HolaLuz, states, “This round means a lot to us; it is our passport to the future. We will leverage this investment to continue with the transformation of the sector, which is expected to be a revolution of values. We are going to make ourselves known, and walk directly towards a future that is already here: Renewable Energy Generation and the Internet of Things”
The company was founded in 2011, and was built under the promise of being an electricity trader with the intention of changing the industry. To date, many customers have placed their trust in HolaLuz, attracted by its basic principle of transparency and providing the information that enables users to understand their monthly bills. Furthermore, since inception, the company has clearly bet on renewable energy, demonstrating its respect for the environment and offering to its customers the option of building a cleaner and more responsible world. Axon Partners Group was advised by Blanca Alberich, from PWC Tax&Legal as well as Fernando Segú and Celia Martín from Gran Thorton.


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