Axon Partners Group invests up to EUR 1M in Coco & Lola (C&L)

Axon Partners Group invests up to EUR 1M in Coco & Lola (C&L) on-line fashion platform that offers “chic” designs for a competitive price. The platform, in the very first 12 months of life, has attracted more than 1.3 million euros in sales and a half million followers on Facebook, becoming a success e -commerce benchmark. Selling affordable ‘high end’ designs, Coco & Lola has achieved differentiation from their competitors.
One of the biggest advantage is that shipments are made between the first 24 and 48 hours, ensuring customers having their exclusive orders in a record time. In addition, any change or return is for free.
It is an example of a model that in just one year has managed to have thousands of customers who opt for the comfort of online business, and products from a variety of places such as France, Italy and Asia. C&L works directly with manufacturers to provide the best designs for costumers at the best price. They also offer the possibility of customize Celebrities’ looks for the client.
The investment is made through ICT Axon II Fund, whose main objective consists on supporting Spanish companies in early stage of development, focused on international development and with plans of expansion, Axon’s speciality. In the same Fund there are other successful stories as HotHotels, QaShops, Séntisis or Wayook , among others.
C&L will use this injection to become one of the leading companies within e- commerce sector driven to women. This investment will also allow Coco and Lola start looking outwards and expand since all sales are made in Spain to date.

Francisco Velázquez de Cuellar, CEO and Managing Partner of Axon Partners Group, says: “We are looking for models which value is beyond a simple commission, since the added value is just that. That is why Coco and Lola attracted us from the beginning. They integrate the entire value chain, from production to sale. In addition they were growing fast with returns that made the investment go ahead”

Juan H. C&L founder and a successful entrepreneur believes “It is a great support to count on Axon as part of C&L team, not only as investors but as advisor on the whole process of growth, adding value offering their expertise and knowledge. This year 2016, we intend to achieve 2,5m billing and reach 5m in 2017″

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