Axon Partners Group launches Finizens, the first Spanish“Roboadvisor” that allows investing without minimums

rancisco Velázquez and Alfonso de León, Axon Partners Group Managing Partners, launch, with Axon’s support as largest investor. Positioned in a market that is being estimated to exceed 85 billion euros by 2020, Finizens is the first “Roboadvisor” in the Spanish market to date that allows investments without a minimum investment quota.
Francisco Velázquez, as Finizens’ Co-Chairman, comments, “Finizens has a great team of professionals who are certainly leading an alternative that did not exist before in the market. I believe that getting access to asset management without having minimum capital requirements makes the difference, yet it was impossible until now”. Alfonso de León, also one of Finizens Co-Chairmans adds, “Indeed, the fact that it is 100% digital, meaning there is no paperwork required, makes it unique.”
This is meant to be a revolution for small & medium savers that from now on will be able to enjoy the benefits of a top-quality investment service, without a minimum, that is 100% digital and paperless. Finizens was born with the clear objective of ensuring transparency, differentiating themselves from traditional financial instutions.The service allows customers to deposit their money at any time without any additional cost, no minimums, no paperwork and with the lowest fees in the market.
Are you worried about not being able to cope with unforeseen expenses? Or having a peaceful retirement? Or guaranteeing a good education for your children? Or just want to increase your savings and go on vacation more often? These are the questions that Finizens tries to answer.
In the words of its CEO, Giorgio S., “Finizens was born with the motive of being the solution for a highly inefficient sector, where a minority of banks and distributors form an oligopoly that controls up to 70% of the financial asset management market, demanding commissions that are often unjustifiable. This situation in Spain does not seem likely to change, at least in the near future.”

“We believe there is a unique opportunity in Spain right now for “Roboadvisors”,. We are proposing an extremely efficient alternative that is available to everyone.”
Spain currently ranks amongst the top three European countries with the highest growth rates in digital banking services and is also positioned amongst the highest in the world in terms of penetration rates of new generation mobile technology, thus contributing to the Fintech industry boom that is currently being experienced.
In particular Finizens bases its investment methodology on financial algorithms empirically validated, providing maximum diversification, more efficient medium and long-term passive management, combined with significantly lower commissions than the industry average. “As result, with Finizens, you can get higher profitability than on average investment with proven returns historically greater than the vast variety of financial products in the market.”
Finizens also has the support of other private investors, including well-known Business Angels such as Viçens Martí, who wanted to participate on the Project and is advising in Digital Marketing, and also includes Martín Huete given his experience as General Director at Caja Duero Gestión, Inverseguros and Skandia.

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