Axon to advise the tunisian regulator on fibre regulation

Axon Consulting has been awarded its first project for the Tunisian regulator, INT. The scope of work includes advisory tasks related to the development of the final fibre regulation decision and the development of a cost model for determining the access costs for fibre networks.

Axon expands its presence in Northern Africa after being awarded its first project in Tunisia, on behalf of the national regulator, INT (Instance Nationale des Télécommunications). The scope of the project is twofold: Axon will first advise the INT on its regulatory decision related to access to and potetial fibre optics network sharing; secondly, Axon will elaborate a techno-economic model for the calculation of the unitary access costs of fibre networks. This project is of particular importance for the development of broadband services in the country, as a fair and reasonable pricing of fibre services would allow to give access to (ultra-)high speed connections to a wide range of consumers and industries.


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