Axon’s portfolio continues to gain strength

Axon Partners Group Investment has numerous companies in its portfolio that are growing and expanding at an impressive rate

Worth a particular mention are Akamon, Nice People at Work and ClickDelivery

Akamon Entertainment breaks the 20m registered users mark this month

Akamon, who received investment from Axon’s successful ICT I Fund, has become the leading social casino gaming company in Latin America and Southern Europe. Axon has supported Akamon in developing its presence in both these regions and now Akamon has broken the 20 million registered users mark this month.

Demonstrating its potential, Akamon has doubled its monthly active users to 2.5 million since 2013 and continues in its commitment to diversify its operating countries and gaming platforms. Before Axon’s investment, Spain provided 90% of Akamon’s players database; a figure that is now just 20%.  This demonstrates Akamon’s strength in the Latin America and Southern Europe markets and its transition to multi-platform games.

Vicenç Martí, CEO of Akamon Entertainment, comments “The geographical focus and the commitment to local games have been key to achieving a continued growth in the player base. Akamon’s goal is to become the main actor in social casino games in the Latin American market, and the imminent launch of new games for mobile platforms aims to strengthen this positioning”.


ClickDelivery is on track to becoming leader in Peru and Argentina

ClickDelivery, the leading online food delivery service in the Andean Region, is on track to becoming market leader in Peru and Argentina, adding to its current stronghold; Colombia, where it is already indisputable leader.

Part of Axon’s extensive LatAm investment portfolio, the Colombian company, founded in 2007, has over 1,700 restaurants and chains and boasts nearly 1m visitors to its website and app per month. It also receives over 60% of orders through mobile platforms; a number that is impressive for even large companies in more mature markets like the USA and Europe.

ClickDelivery boasts a solid foundation with its multidisciplinary management team that have worked together for seven years. Miguel McAllister (CTO), Jose Calderón (CEO) and Pablo Gonzalez (CCO) have over 25 years’ experience between them in entrepreneurship.

ClickDelivery’s local brands domiciliosbogota, domiciliosmedellin and limadelivery are all now household names and are top of mind for food delivery in their respective markets.


Nice People at Work develops Youbora product suite

Nice People at Work, the world’s premier video optimisation platform, has developed the Youbora product suite, the most advanced premium video optimisation suite globally.

Barcelona-based Nice People at Work was founded in 2008 as an online video platform, offering end-to-end video management solutions. Its best of class delivery intelligence platform has already ensured world leading partners (in the USA and Europe) and a strong pipeline of some of the largest clients in the world. It revenue growth was 100% in 2013 and it is continuing to make strong progress in 2014.

The Company’s customer base comprises broadcasters, telecom and media companies across continental Europe, Latin America and Central and Eastern Europe. Nice employs 23 people, mainly creative and innovative engineers, developing 100% proprietary technology. Its expert team is highly specialised and the mobile video market is continuing to grow exponentially, with continuous demand for high-quality premium video.

Axon’s high-achieving portfolio is a testament to Axon’s support and guidance in its target markets and countries. This overperformance, especially by Akamon, Nice People at Work and ClickDelivery, makes Axon’s investment portfolio an attractive target for strategic companies in their sectors.


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