Axon’s VC fund of fund platform makes its first four commitments

Aurora, the Fund-of-VC-Fund managed by Axon, made its first commitments kicking off one of the best European tech platforms for institutional investors ever built. Aurora invests globally with a preference for European GPs. Aurora’s strategy benefits from Axon’s unique experience and track record in VC which is a complete new approach to the fund of fund landscape in Europe where the few VC fund of funds have been put together by private banks or buy out FoF teams with no experience in the field. This is the reason Aurora is the only one capable of combining digital with life science in one only strategy, or primary with secondary and direct co-investments.

“We are super excited with this new platform we have built and with the traction it has gained with institutional investors who had the appetite for technology investments but no option to gain such exposure professionally, and with sufficient diversification”, said Francisco Velázquez President of Axon Partners Group and one of the managing partners behind Aurora. “Axon’s track record across strategies and geographies makes us very unique against the few competitors who exist in Europe” says Alfonso de Leon, CEO of Axon Investment Division.

“Axon’s unique long standing approach makes us unique also in the eyes of GPs who see in us an long term investor they can trust, and with potential to follow on with co-investment strategies. That is the reason in the first batch of commitments, Aurora has signed with some of the best VCs in Europe, and in the world”, said Mauro Yovane, Principal at Aurora.

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