BEREC publishes study on implications of 5G on business models prepared by Axon and DotEcon

March 2018. BEREC (Body of European Regulators for Electronic Communications) has published the “Study on Implications of 5G Deployment on Future Business Models” prepared by Axon and DotEcon.

BEREC has made 5G a strategic priority for the next years, aiming to enable European scale solutions to help reap the benefits of early and coherent implementation of 5G: innovation, productivity and growth in the internal market.

The study aims to improve the understanding of 5G in terms of the key technologies and services that may emerge, and the obstacles and enablers for success. The study outlines the implications of 5G deployment for market structure, market dynamics, business models, value chains and competition in the telecommunications market and other adjacent markets (e.g. automotive, manufacturing, agriculture).

On 7 March 2018, in the context of BEREC’s 34th plenary meetings, Axon and DotEcon conducted a workshop in Bratislava to present the study in the presence of representatives from BEREC and EU’s national regulatory authorities.

The study is available from the BEREC’s publications website and can also be downloaded here [Download].

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