The Big Data in Holaluz and its role in improving the environment

The Big Data is, for many people, this great stranger who is on everyone´s lips. Do we know that the translation of english is something like " big information " but what it is and what it is for?  We will speak about it  in this datathon, organized by, among others, BCN Analytics, entity to which Dídac Fortuny belongs

The Big Data in Holaluz
The Big Data is this great set of information digitized of all kinds that runs freely through the network. through a wide variety of subjects; this information, in some cases public,private in others, they are treated by specialized departments,such as the Equipment of Holaluz's Big Data.

The objective of these teams is usually manage this data to improve products or services, even to improve our lives.

At least that´s what our Big Data Team tries day after day. Among other things, their work is used to make predictions that allow us to buy energy at the best possible price and keep its fixed priced for a minimum of 12 months ( regardless of increases), or to study your bills to offer you the electricity rate that best suits you as well as the saving measures that help ypu the most 

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Article written by Holaluz

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