Agcom has launched a public consultation about the Net Cost of Universal Service to be compensated to Telecom Italia for the provision of services in unprofitable areas, to customers in social and/or economic disadvantage and public phones.  

Agcom publishes 
Axon Partners Group's revision reports, in which we verified Telecom Italia's calculations and proposed amendments to ensure its consistency and compliance with current regulations and the international practice.  

All in all, Agcom will have to take te decision on how much of the 62.3 €mn requested by TI should be compensated. Around 55% will be compensated by Telecom Italia itself (fixed and mobile, 
TIM, operations), around 20% by Vodafone and around 17% by Wind (remainder by smaller operators). 

Our reports can be found here 
and here
Consultation document can be found here



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