Axon Partners Group has recently joined the Telecommunication Development Sector of the ITU, the International Telecommunication Union, as a full Member.


As the United Nations specialized agency the ITU brings together 193 Member States and more than 700 Sector Members and Associates from Industry, NGOs and regional organizations. ITUs provides a trusted and global multi-stakeholder platform for partners from the public and private sectors to address major ICT issues.


This appointment comes in recognition of Axon Consulting‘s distinguished track-record in providing consulting services to international blue chip clients, and its potential for partnering with the ITU in initiatives contributing to the development of the global telecommunications sector.



Axon Partners Group Consulting ('Axon Consulting') acting as technical adviser, presented to the President of the Federal Authority for Information Technology and Communications of Argentina (AFTIC), Norberto Berner, the progress on the project of cost modelling operators in fixed, mobile and broadband Internet, as well as mobile virtual network operators.


During this year, the former National Communications Commission (NCC) awarded Axon Consulting with this project, based on the design and development of ICT cost models. The aim of the project is to have a broad knowledge of the national telecommunications ecosystem. Since the Argentina Digital Law was enacted, it is necessary to have a cost structure models of ICT services operators in both dimensions and have an analysis tool to define policies in order to establish specific conditions of pricing and rating, allowing to fix costs in the interconnection between licensees.

Through the application of this model would be possible to define interconnection costs, access charges, termination, transit, sub-loops access and unbundled loops, provision of additional facilities, access and sharing of passive infrastructure, as well as wholesale sales of broadband internet among others.


The European Commission has published a report on the assessment of the net cost of ensuring universal availability and affordability of broadband services in the European Union, entrusted to Axon Partners Group (previously SVP Advisors) and Van Dijk Management Consultants.

The extensive study assessed the financial implications of including broadband access within the scope of Universal Service Obligations under a broad range of scenarios. The impact of the definition of broadband service was investigated, along with the role of different wireline and wireless technologies in the efficient provision of broadband services and the differences in terms of net cost among Member States.

This study is an update and enhancement of previous work carried out for the European Commission by Axon Partners Group. The study has supported the European Commission’s policy formulation and has been reviewed by national regulatory agencies and BEREC.

The report can be downloaded here.

Representatives of the Ministry of Communications (Secom) and the National Communications Commission (CNC) of Argentina met with members of the telecommunications industry to present a project to develop cost models for the sector, which Axon Consulting has been commissioned carry out.
Representatives of Telefónica, Telecom Italia and América Móvil  fixed and mobile subsidiaries, Telecentro (a cable operator), Cámara Argentina de Internet (Cabase) and Associations that group local cooperatives, among others,  attended the meeting, held at the CNC’s headquarters in Buenos Aires, Argentina.
The Secretary of Communication, Norberto Berner, commented that the initiative “will enable an ecosystem of comprehensive and integrated telecommunications to be built, with better supply, quality and greater choice for users.”
Nicholás Karavaski, a representative of the CNC, said "this is the most important moment of the project, where each of the players in the sector can provide its information in order to redefine the telecommunications industry…”


For the latter part of the 20th Century, Africa’s stagnated growth and unreliable infrastructure allowed for only low-level fixed-line penetration. The advent of mobile, particularly pre-paid services has seen the continent effectively skip a phase of development, with a solid trend for growth meaning that in some countries mobile penetration has reached levels of close to 15 times that of fixed-line.

Deregulation, a vast take up of mobile payment services and a recent 3G rollout has made Africa a growth hotspot for telecommunications; and despite the global economic downturn and a level of subscription which has now passed 500m, the continent still offers room for opportunity for a wide range of local, regional and international players.

There are various factors which dictate operator potential in Africa. Deregulation has in many countries led the way for the industry’s expansion, and although the groundwork has been laid for cross-country regulatory unification in some regions, having a clear grasp of the local regulatory landscape is still vital for both new entrants and established players.

The rapid increase in mobile traffic has in many cases left operators with impaired performance in terms of customer experience. Following the lead of the broadband sector, which has recently seen enormous private investment in fibre-optic submarine cables to provide high-speed links between various African and international regions, it is imperative that mobile follows suite by investing in and improving existing networks in anticipation of next generation technology and the imminent data explosion.
Africa remains one of the world’s most dynamic telecom markets, where mobile in particular is acting as a great social equalizer, offering the same products, applications and services to a wildly differing range of markets and users; empowering knowledge transfer, and in the case of mobile payments, bringing basic financial services to rural inhabitants who would otherwise have no access to such services.

Axon has a wide range of telecoms consulting experience in Africa, having completed projects in profitability enhancement, 3G deployment and the crafting of a favourable regulatory environment  in various western territories.


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