Business Consultancy

Development of organisation cybersecurity strategies for public or private entities
Organisational compliance assessment (cybersecurity and resilience)
Technical compliance and security assessments of ICT infrastructure
Applicability of cybersecurity to radio networks and telecommunications
Strategic research, benchmarking and advice on: Global cybersecurity trends,  Security implications of emerging technologies and Cybersecurity institutions (ISAC, CERTs, Development labs, etc.)

Policy & Regulation

Development of National Cybersecurity Strategies (NCS)

 Drafting of Critical Infrastructure Identification Frameworks

 Classification of critical networks and production of supporting cybersecurity controls

 Benchmarking of national cybersecurity policies and initiatives

 Development of industry-wide cybersecurity controls (e.g. Telecoms, Health, Transport)

Production of technology cybersecurity guidelines (e.g. IoT, OT, Cloud)

Development of national risk management frameworks

Definition of strategies, roadmaps and governance models for national cybersecurity infrastructure (e.g. CERTs, ISACs)

Development of disaster recovery and business continuity policies and regulations

Drafting public policies regarding encrypted traffic, routing security and DNS security

Knowledge Centre


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