Definition of the roadmap for the development of emerging internet technologies

Project executed on behalf of an ICT regulator in the Middle East 

Project Objective

The exponential growth, in size and importance, of the internet ecosystem is intertwined with the technological progress witnessed in the last few decades. Stakeholders from the ICT industry involved in this ecosystem (including both network or service providers and policy makers) need to follow such technological developments closely, to remain up to speed on emerging products and services.

In this context, Axon supported an ICT regulator in the Middle East in its in-depth review of the most important internet technologies and protocols under development. For each of these technologies and protocols, Axon identified existing gaps and areas for improvement in the country, and develop a roadmap for their introduction in the Kingdom.

Project Description

The project involved, in particular, the following services:

  • A preliminary study of 35+ technologies and protocols for the internet ecosystem (e.g. IPv6, RPKI, QUIC, DNSSEC, HTTPS, Edge Computing, AR/VR, AI, M2M, Quantum Computing, IoT, Big Data, among others), including an overview of their current development status in the country, and a detailed analysis of the technology, international trends and the standardization bodies governing their development.
  • A detailed analysis of the top-10 technologies and protocols representing the greatest opportunity for the internet ecosystem in the country. This analysis comprised a detailed international benchmark, an assessment of the current status in the country, and multiple interviews with relevant stakeholders in the internet ecosystem.
  • The development of a functional roadmap outlining specific actions, activities and targets that the different stakeholders in the country (public entities, academia, operators, and other internet players) should take in order to ensure the development of the most important technologies.
  • Support in the initial rollout of this functional roadmap.

Figure: List of stakeholders engaged in the development of the project

Key Takeaways

As a result of this project, the client obtained a detailed and clear roadmap with specific targets and implementation guidelines for an enhanced internet ecosystem in the country.