Development of a FTTH deployment business plan in a Middle Eastern market

Project executed on behalf of a Middle Eastern telecom operator

Project Objective

Axon helped a prominent operator in its market in the development of its business plan to deploy FTTH access networks and start addressing the residential broadband market.

Project Description

Axon’s support included:

  • Development of a modular business plan that comprised commercial and network models (see below)
Figure 1: Developed tools and their relationship
  • Development of a techno-economic network model to budget the new FTTH network in terms of investment (CapEx) and operational costs (OpEx). The model calculated the required network elements based on a detailed geographical modelling exercise
Figure 2: Illustrative example of the network modelling results (Note: routes are displayed as straight lines only for representation purposes)
  • The commercial model also covered the go-to-market strategy/plan
  • Identification of target areas to be covered by the new network
  • Definition of the necessary structural and organizational changes in the company to face the new operational reality

Key Takeaways

The new Business Plan formed one of the key inputs required to obtain the needed funding. The new company procedures allowed the company to address the radical change involved in addressing massive FTTH B2B and B2C markets. The client launched FTTH services and is competing as one of the main infrastructure-based telecom operators in the country.