European 5G study: assessment of 5G networks in EU/EEA

Axon Partners Group Consulting was selected by the European Commission (EC) to provide a detailed EU-wide strategic study evaluating the costs and timelines for 5G deployments in the EU and EEA.

Operators in the EU / EEA have started deploying 5G networks

The EC recruited Axon Partners Group Consulting to make an early assessment of the potential cost and benefits of providing 5G services in the EU/EEA states.

The objective of the study, commenced in 2021, was to provide both a high-level understanding of recent and expected developments in 5G networks – as well as to assess the associated economics.

Axon Partners Group Consulting started the assessment with a data-gathering from 21 member states over a total of 30 countries belonging to the EU/EEA including a number of operators and regulators.

This European 5G case study pulls out some of the headline results, the implications for 5G in the EU/EEA – we believe it offers some real encouragement to regulators and operators assessing the cost-benefit impacts of 5G.

A more detailed summary of the Axon European 5G study including supporting charts is available below.

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