Evaluation of growth opportunities and development of business plan for companies in the life sciences sector

Projects executed on behalf of two companies in the biopharma sector

Projects Objective

This venture, which encompassed several projects, required the repositioning of two companies in the biopharma sector, and the definition of their new operating model and future business plans.

Projects Description

Axon Consulting provided support in several strategic projects over a 3-years period:

  • We advised a Swiss-based biotechnology company specializing in drugs for rare diseases, in a range of strategy, business planning and corporate finance activities. The groundwork for our assignment was the development of a business plan for the new, enhanced, operations of our client, generating medicinal product candidates through an innovative, Internet-based, technology platform. In addition to OPEX and CAPEX, the Model calculated revenue and costs for each single product in the company’s pipeline, based on its development lifecycle and discounting the probabilities of success in each clinical phase up to market authorisation. The business plan was instrumental in the successful capital increase round completed by our client for financing its future operations.
Figure 1: Illustrative graph of the proportion of medicinal products achieving milestones under different scenarios
  • We advised a global CRO company listed in the Swiss Stock Exchange in the creation of a strategic roadmap for organic and inorganic growth, aimed at building a pipeline of potential acquisition targets, and expanding its existing services profile with new innovative technology solutions. We defined a 4-year roadmap and created a complete operating model under various growth scenarios.
  • We supported the creation of a listed newCo resulting from the merger of the two above mentioned companies, aimed at creating a leader in the end to end development and testing of drugs for rare diseases. Our work, covered the preparation of the newCo’s business plan and the integration roadmap.

Key Takeaways

We helped our clients accomplish a successful merger and the definition of a new strategic roadmap, after raising additional funding. In particular, our clients benefited from:

  • New and improved strategy and business plans
  • An updated organizational structure
  • Support during the investors’ roadshow prepared to secure additional funding for operations and development
  • New target processes
  • Operational support of key business functions post-merger