Fondo Amerigo Announced in Bogotá

The launch of Axon’s Amerigo Ventures Colombia fund was officially celebrated on Wednesday, May 8th in Bogotá 

The fund aims to develop the digital-economy landscape in Colombia and the surrounding regions, offering financial support and assistance to early development stage companies in the innovations sphere.

Colombia’s enviable economic growth has put it at the top of the list for foreign investors in LatAm, with President Juan Manuel Santos’ 2012 declaration on Wall Street that “Colombia is now open.” However, despite surging foreign interest, Colombian growth companies have yet to have access to venture capital devoted entirely to the digital economy.

The 65 million USD fund, set up between Axon, Telefonica, Bancoldex, Brightstar and the Agencia Española de Cooperación Internacional (AECID) seeks companies active in e-commerce, e-learing, E-health, digital entertainment, infotainment and e-classified, amongst others; companies with strong, dynamic teams which will “change the way of consuming products and services in Colombia,” according to Axon president Francisco Velázquez de Cuellar.

First investments have now been closed, but up to five more will be made throughout the course of 2013, with more to come during the fund’s initial four year period.
The announcement in Bogotá drew strong press interest from both Colombia and beyond. To read a selection of press clippings, please click here.

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