Aurora Fund-of-Funds Alternative Technology in Europe exploits the untapped  opportunity in innovation and technology in the region

About the Fund-of-Funds

Aurora Fund-of-Funds - Alternative Technology in Europe exploits the innovation and entrepreneurship landscape by investing in the best VC funds all around Europe. The fund allows investors to access one of the most promising asset classes globally, the European VC, in a very intelligent manner which reduces not only financial risk, but also execution burdens.

Investment Strategy

Aurora Fund-of-Funds has a Pan-European focus, being both sector and stage agnostic, and ready to invest in all stages from Early to Growth. The investment strategy includes mostly primary deals, but with the right mix of direct co-investments and secondary opportunities, so as to reduce the J-curve and provide an IRR kicker. This strategy is only possible because of the experience, know-how and capillarity Axon has at the European VC and innovation landscape.

Target Geographies

Target Geographies
Axon’s Fund-of-Funds will invest in the Pan-European region.

Target Stages

Target Stages
Our Investee Funds will cover all stages from early to growth.

Target Sector

Target Sector
Axon’s Fund-of-Funds targets investments in Funds operating mainly in ICT and Life Sciences.

Axon’s direct experience in VC, in all stages and in many different geographies and situations, helps investors select, access and manage top tier as well as best emerging venture managers to provide persistent returns. In addition because of our expertise in technology and consumer we can cherry pick the best co-investment opportunities with our GPs providing additional return and a reduction of j-curve.

Fund Of Funds Contact

Should your activities match the above mentioned criteria, please do not hesitate to contact us so that we can further explore the opportunity.

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