We partner with the best VC fund managers globally.

The European leading tech Fund of Fund platform, able to cover global opportunity, multi sector strategies, only truly capable for investment strategies ( co-invest + secondaries) 

Aurora: Fund of Funds Platform

Through Aurora, our fund-of-funds platform, we enable access to digital tech, deeptech and lifescience alternative investments in a thoughtful well-diversified manner, combining primaries, secondaries and co-investments. Our investors see in Axon the perfect partner to allocate capital to the number one performing asset class in the financial sector.

We maintain an extremely high level of interaction with our investors, sharing information about the portfolio at fund and company level, as well as insights about key industry developments and trends.

We develop long-term relationships with our managers, and offer thoughtful, hands-on support.

The execution of our strategy is only possible due to the experience, know-how and network Axon has acquired in over thirteen years active in the global VC and innovation scenes.

Open mandates

We have open our Aurora Fund of Funds mandate, a fund focused on any VC strategy and stage with an special interest in the European continent.

Primary Investment

The fund’s strategy has been designed to maximize returns and reduce risks.The portfolio will be diversified in terms of investment type, geography, sector, vintage and stage.

Co- Investment

Axon’s direct VC investment experience and solid track record as investor will enable it to identify, analyse and structure in a better way the co-investment opportunities than traditional Fund of Funds.


We see our GPs as partners in identifying secondary opportunities within their funds and arbitrate some situations to improve the IRR and anticipate returns to our investors, providing liquidity to the market and reducing the J-curve of Aurora.

Our Senior Team

“We are super excited with this new platform we have built and with the traction it has gained with institutional investors who had the appetite for technology investments but no option to gain such exposure professionally, and with sufficient diversification”

“Axon’s track record across strategies and geographies makes us very unique against the few competitors who exist in Europe”

“Axon’s unique long standing approach makes us unique also in the eyes of GPs who see in us an long term investor they can trust, and with potential to follow on with co-investment strategies. That is the reason in the first batch of commitments, Aurora has signed with some of the best VCs in Europe, and in the world”