iYogi increases Spanish Revenues

Since launching the latest promotion of its partnership with Telefonica in August 2014, iYogi has seen a significant increase in subscriptions to its ‘Guru’ services. The global leader in on-demand tech support for consumers and small businesses, launched its services in Spain through a partnership with Telefonica in early 2014. Called ‘Guru’, the co-branded subscription based on-demand service is aimed at tech users who use multiple devices but are looking for single vendor support.

A number of sales programs have been launched since then by Telefonica to promote the partnership, with the most recent one being a 1 month free promotional offer for existing and new customers of Movistar ADSL, Fibre and Fusion packages.

The success of Guru has enabled Telefonica to set new standards in service delivery and customer satisfaction with a CSAT of over 95%. Telefonica and iYogi are now working to extend the service to other prospects.

Axon Partners Group invested in iYogi in early 2014. Axon, which has a strong presence in Spain, Latin America, and India, made this investment to facilitate iYogi’s growth in these regions, through both its partnerships with telecom companies to help grow iYogi’s telecom vertical and its geographical presence in Spain. It will also support iYogi in its entry into other Spanish-speaking markets.

Axon’s presence has since helped accelerate iYogi’s expansion in Spain. Axon is negotiating with local governments for funding to establish a local service delivery centre, which is also set to serve as a centre of excellence supporting iYogi’s expansion in Latin America.

Spanish is the second most popular language across the globe and key markets across the Latin American region are witnessing rapid growth in mobile and personal computing devices, which presents a tremendous growth opportunity for iYogi. Axon’s strategic presence in both Spain and Latin America helps the company leverage the synergies between India and these markets.

Axon Partners Group, an emerging markets specialist, manages hundreds of millions in funds worldwide, with The India Opportunities Fund (Gurgaon, Delhi) being one of its largest. Axon is perfectly positioned to support Indian SMEs in their international expansion due to its on-the-ground presence and experience in geographies such as Latin America, Europe and the U.S.

Axon plans to increase its investment activity throughout 2014, concentrating on companies in the growth or expansion stages in the technology and digital economy sectors.


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