Mobile & Fixed Communications


Business Consultancy

 Critical review and analysis of P&L and business plans

 Development of tools and reporting for granular insights on individual customer profitability

 Proposing actions on margin assurance, price plan design, geographical channel deployment and segmented proposition

 Price optimisation and price setting based on detailed network costing, comprehensive cost identification and profitability measurement

 Development of reference offers

 Network asset review and valuation

 Due diligence and transaction support

Policy & Regulation

 Drafting of telecom laws, regulations and policies

 Development of regulatory or policy roadmaps

 Market and competition analysis

 Price regulations, margin and price squeeze tests and regulations

 Development, review and audit of regulatory accounting and accounting separation systems

 Universal service and digital gap regulations

 Bottom-up, top-down, LRIC, FDC/FAC cost modelling

 Revision of reference offers

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