Axon was founded with the mission of providing the best of the excellence of international companies and the flexibility and entrepreneurship of the boutiques

Who we are

Axon Partners Group is an international Investment, Corporate Development and Consulting firm, specialised in global emerging markets. Created by entrepreneurs with vast business development and financial experience, Axon has grown to become a team of over 70 experts, worldwide.

Global Presence

7 local offices in Madrid,
Mexico, Miami & Istanbul

Solid Track Record

The management team
holds more than 60 years
of accumulated experience

Excellence & Flexibility

Excellence in execution of
international companies & 
entrepreneurship spirit 

More than 70 employees

From more than 10 different
nationalities all over the world

Axon´s Today

Axon combines the flexibility and speed of boutiques, and the capabilities and reach that only large organizations can provide. This is the reason why Axon is able to support early entrepreneurs to succeed, help mid-market sized companies to get equity finance, advice bluechip multinationals in their business strategy or provide support to governments in defining digital economy policies. We have been doing this consistently for over ten years with top notch clients worldwide.


Axon´s Numbers

Year Founded

Year Founded

Consulting Projects

Consulting Projects



Investment Projects

Investment Projects



Incubated businesses  (Finizens, Hubble, Fluon)

Incubated businesses (Finizens, Hubble, Fluon)

Average years of experience of board members

Average years of experience of board members

Employees around the world

Employees around the world

Axon´s History

Axon Partners Group was created in 2012 by the integration of two companies. Axon Capital -a Spanish regulated VC firm- and SVP Advisors, a consulting boutique specialized in telecoms and media, both founded in 2006 by Francisco Velázquez. The idea was to provide the best of the excellence of international companies and the flexibility and entrepreneurial spirit of the boutiques.

These two companies had different shareholders. On the one hand, Axon Capital, a small technology oriented VC firm coming from universities supported by some bluechip innovation centres in Spain such as the Politechnic University of Madrid and Fundacion Tecnalia, with minority stakes. On the other hand, SVP Advisors was a strategy consulting advisory firm with a team of partners with a vision to impact technology advisory at international level.

Axon Capital took its first steps into the VC world probably at the toughest times in recent financial services history, while SVP moved up with clients all over the world, including governments and large telco operators. In the same year, 2006, Alfonso de León joined Axon as a part time co-founder supporting growth within Axon, while Dimitri Kallinis joined in 2009 SVP Advisors to drive excellence and growth in the consulting business.

Axon Capital and SVP Advisors were integrated and Axon Partners Group, as we know it today, was born. The company was established as a partners’ firm with different divisions, managing VC funds in Spain and India, as well as serving clients in over thirty countries. The strategy consulting business continued to grow, increasing the scope of its projects in verticals such as energy. By 2012 the group had grown to 25 employees between Spain, US and Colombia.

In 2012

In 2013

We started our ventures capital fund for Colombia and did our first cash exits in Spain. The company started to grow quickly so Axon decided to design its first career program enabling employees to ultimately become partners and profit from the global success of the firm.

Corporate Finance division was created and offices in Mexico and Istanbul were set up. The investment scope expanded to Mexico and Perú, and some large advisory projects in oil and gas as well as food industry were executed, widening our sectors of knowledge. By 2014 the company had about 40 employees.

In 2014

In 2015

The first corporate finance deals were closed, which were some of the largest in the tech world in Spain and Italy. By 2015, our funds had exited eight companies with more than 3x average exit multiple and Axon’s track record started to shows its consistency along investment processes. The advisory lines of business continued to grow steadily with large impact projects in Mexico and Saudi Arabia. Axon also expanded its practice to cloud and IT strategy as well as data analytics in the consumer space. This led to the creation of its first incubated startup: Finizens, a robo-advisor.

We continued to grow surpassing 70 employees around the world. We did our first bet on blockchain technology when no-one was talking about ICOs and the like, creating Influity. We also created our first consumer company,, a mattress company selling online in Spain. In 2006 the company reinforced its commitment with processes by making important progresses in compliance, including ISO certification. In addition our HQs moved to a brand owned office in the centre of Madrid. 1.000 sqft of trading floors and meeting rooms, creating a trend on its own in the city.

In 2016

In 2017

Axon continued growing surpassing 80 employees around the world. We changed office in Bogotá, Istanbul and Mexico to cope with growth and meet expectations of our employees, clients and investors worldwide. The company did several very impactful projects in the Middle East and Latam, including policy related projects with large impact on the telco industry. In the investment front we launched our first fund of VC funds for Europe, leveraging in the great expertise and footprint of the firm. In 2017 the firm promoted the first career Partners.
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