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La problemática de invertir en startups Fintech y Blockchain.
Los obstáculos a la inversión en Fintech y en Blockchain por parte del capital riesgo (especialmente Venture Capital) tienen dos componentes. (Continuar leyendo)

The blockchain  breaks into the world of asset management. 

"I am going to try to summarize a new initiative incubated by Axon Partners Group, that promises to be a revolution in the world of the finance, using the technology of the criptodivisas..." (Continuar Leyendo)

Eastern Caribbean Telecommunications Authority

"The ECTEL has just launched a public consultation to gather industry's feedback about the cost models developed by Axon Partners Group. ." (Continue Reading)

 5G: a network of opportunities and challenges

"5G will evolve from today’s mobile networks, but it is much more than a faster technology. It will mark an inflection point in the future of communications..."(Continue reading)


"Closing the doors to innovation would only slow the natural evolution of the financial market"" (Continuar leyendo)

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