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The case for VC & the opportunity in Europe
The next goal for the European VC market is to incorporate more institutional investors as LPs. The current state of European tech ecosystem and the scale and track record obtained by European VCs will allow the industry to incorporate them as active investor in the asset class. 

Next Station: Europe. How Europe´s tech startup ecosystem are evolving. 
Next Station:europe reflect our view about the current state of the European tech ecosystem as well as the great potential we still forsee for the upcoming years. We hope you find the data & analysis presented enlightening.

The Case for Venture Capital and the Opportunity in Europe
This report gives a hollistic understanding of the drivers that affect the industry and illustrates our believe that Venture Capital, considering the macroeconomic environment ahead.

BEREC publishes study on implications of 5G on business models prepared by Axon & DotEcon
BEREC (Body of European Regulators for Electronic Communications) has published the “Study on Implications of 5G Deployment on Future Business Models” prepared by Axon and DotEcon.

E-Sports Are Growing at a Fast Rate
The following report analyses the e-sports industry, focusing on its growth and its structure, and illustrates our belief that Spain, that now has over 3,9m e-sports fans, will become one of the leading European countries in terms of e-sports in the coming years.

VoLTE is coming....for many of us
VoLTE stands for Voice Over Long Term Evolution (LTE) and is essentially the technological solution for providing a digital packet voice service over IP via an LTE access network. In other words, voice calls are processed over a 4G LTE network, rather than the 2G or 3G networks which are typically used.

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