Publication of Axon’s Report on Universal Access to Broadband Services

The European Commission has published a report on the assessment of the net cost of ensuring universal availability and affordability of broadband services in the European Union, entrusted to Axon Partners Group (previously SVP Advisors) and Van Dijk Management Consultants.

The extensive study assessed the financial implications of including broadband access within the scope of Universal Service Obligations under a broad range of scenarios. The impact of the definition of broadband service was investigated, along with the role of different wireline and wireless technologies in the efficient provision of broadband services and the differences in terms of net cost among Member States.

This study is an update and enhancement of previous work carried out for the European Commission by Axon Partners Group. The study has supported the European Commission’s policy formulation and has been reviewed by national regulatory agencies and BEREC.

The report can be downloaded here.

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