Support to CITC in the “Fibre Open Access” Initiative

Project executed on behalf of Saudi Communications and Information Technologies Commission (CITC)

Project Objective

The objective of the project was to ensure that all operators developing FTTH services in Saudi Arabia would be able to use each other’s FTTH access networks and offer competitive fibre tariffs to all citizens, regardless of their location and the owner of the fibre infrastructure.

Project Description

This project aimed to provide operational support to the Communications and Information Technologies Commission (CITC) during its so-called “Fibre Open Access” Initiative. As part of this assignment, we carried out the following main activities:

  • Review of the existing agreements to share physical infrastructure and the existing regulation in Saudi Arabia and identification of main areas of conflict or disagreement.
  • Leading a Multilateral Working Group (MWG), which comprised all physical infrastructure owners and service providers, to discuss conditions for the sharing of FTTH access networks. During the several sessions held, the participants, led by Axon, discussed and agreed on aspects such as the technologies used, SLAs and QoS, pricing mechanisms, invoicing terms, technical and operational processes, integration of OSS/BSS, etc.
  • Support to CITC in the preparation of the regulations (Rules & Guidelines – R&G) to share fibre infrastructure in the framework of the Open Access Initiative, which established minimum conditions to be included in the agreements to follow between service providers and infrastructure owners.

Key Takeaways

The definition of the R&G has enabled operators to sign wholesale agreements for the provision of FTTH services, thus fostering competition and the penetration of high-speed broadband across the Kingdom.

Figure 1: Multilateral signature of the FTTH open access agreements by all telecommunication operators in the Saudi fibre network market