Work with Axon Partners Group

Solid culture, first-class employer, adaptable careers, international work environment, excellent team of professionals.

Why Axon

We are committed to keep growing and to offer the same opportunities to our employees.

Axon has grown to become a first-class employer who can provide a wide range of opportunities and professional development to our employees worldwide. Our business culture is unique and this has been transferred to our HR culture so that employees can evolve and make the most of a very challenging environment.

We will be continuously increasing your responsibilities as you grow. You will master the execution and client management, and will evolve into a more business/strategic profile. Our objective is to have autonomous and responsible employees who will be become our future leaders.  


Axon as your first, or next, career challenge

We provide excellence in our talent management culture
Expertise in technology and innovation industries.

High impact international projects, with clients worldwide.

We will develop all your potential in a very challenging environment.

HR Manager

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