The European Commission (EC) appoints Axon to calculate fixed telecoms provisioning costs in 31 EU/EEA countries

On September 2018, the EC commissioned Axon a Project for developing cost models for calculating the costs of providing fixed telecoms services in 31 EU/EEA countries. The outcome of this project shall eventually assist the EC in the definition of a single maximum fixed termination Euro Rate, as mandated by the draft EECC (EC’s press release).

The project has been launched with NRAs and telecom operators from the EU/EEA Member States during a workshop held in EC’s premises in Brussels on 23rd October. The workshop sessions can be watched on demand here.

This is the second pan-European project launched by Axon in 2018, following the one earlier this year for developing cost models to calculate the costs of providing mobile telecoms services in 31 EU/EEA countries.

Jointly, these projects shall become the foundation for future regulation of roaming and wholesale termination services across Europe, further promoting the development of a Single Digital Market.

For further information about Axon’s relevant experience please take a look here or contact any of our experts.

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