The European Commission publishes Axon’s study for assessing the cost of providing wholesale fixed termination services in the EU

The European Commission (EC) has published Axon’s study assessing the cost of providing wholesale voice call termination services on fixed networks in 31 EU/EEA countries.

The publication of this study follows the path of the equivalent study assessing wholesale mobile services in the EU/EEA, also undertaken by Axon Consulting and finalised in July 2019.  

The outcomes of these studies will support the European Commission in its policy decisions with regards to the fixed and mobile termination rates in the entire EU/EEA area (i.e. the Eurorates).

Launched in September 2018, the cost study on fixed termination services was carried out through several steps involving the EC, NRAs and operators in the 31 EU/EEA countries, including the following:

  • A data collection and clarifications process
  • The development of a state-of-the-art cost model
  • Workshops in EC’s headquarters
  • Consultation rounds

The EC’s publication makes available all the key materials produced throughout this cost study to the general public. This includes a non-confidential version of the BULRIC cost model, an executive summary of the project’s outcomes, the results produced by the model and extensive additional supporting information (manuals, presentations, etc.).

For further information on Axon’s costing and regulatory pricing experience please have a look here or contact any of our experts.

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