The European Commission publishes the draft delegated regulation for the setting of single Eurorates of mobile and fixed voice termination services in the EU

The European Commission (EC) has published (link) its draft delegated regulation setting the single maximum Union-wide mobile and fixed voice termination rates.

The final rates proposed by the EC are EUR 0.20 cent/min for mobile networks and EUR 0.07 cent/min for fixed networks. The proposed termination rates are based on the results of the cost models developed by Axon to that effect, on behalf of the EC. In the case of mobile networks, the EC considers a three-year glide path that will reach the single maximum Union-wide rate from 2024 onwards. In the case of fixed networks, no glide path is applied and only a transitional period during 2021 is allowed for Member States with current rates well above the final rate, being the maximum Union-wide rate applicable in all Member States from 2022 onwards.

Given that the EC wishes to hear stakeholders’ views, the draft act is open for feedback until 22 September 2020.

For further information on Axon’s costing and regulatory pricing experience please have a look here or contact any of our experts.

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