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Southern Europe
Southern Europe
Southern Europe
Southern Europe
Southern Europe, and specially Spain, is a region we know very well. Axon has been awarded several times the prize for best VC in Spain. Our deep access and capillarity in the market ensures that the best deals always pass through our screening committees. We help companies consolidate the market and expand globally. A lot of our companies have expanded to Europe, Latam or the US. We also provide a lot of support in digital marketing strategies and M&A.

In India we co-invest with local VC partners in growth stories. We love India because is a large subcontintent with strong fundamentals, good legal systems and a great entrepreneurial ecosystem. Because of our unique position in India, as the only European/latinamerican investor, we are normally preferred partners when companies need investors who can bring know how from Europe, Latam, Middle East or Africa.

It is a large region which can only be tackled from a panregional perspective. Axon has already developed leading positions having done some of the best exit case studies of recent years. Because of the volatility of the region, we think a true value investor in Latam needs to be in the market all along the macro cycles, to profit when the time is good and hold when is wise to do so. We are as latinamerican as anyone born in Bogota, Caracas, Buenos Aires or Mexico DF.

Axon has been present in Africa since 2008 doing advisory work to regional blue chip companies and governments. We are now penetrating with investment strategies aimed at creating the leading companies of the future. Our multinational DNA and acumen for emerging market makes us unique to discover and execute opportunities in Africa.In addition , due to our relationship with top clients in the region we can as well anticipate macro streams for the benefit of our portfolio companies.

Why partnering with us

We invest in all stages, from seed to growth capital, therefore we understand all the phases of a company to become successful
Because we are a relatively large firm with multiple business activities our investment managers have access to research, networks and talent all around the world. These assets are given to all the entrepreneurs we back
Because we continuosly work in fund raising for our funds, third party funds via our CMA unit and M&A via our corporate finance Division, we have a lot of access to investors and buyers, and that is the reason we are much better at exiting than the average VC. Our entrepreneurs can benefit from this in their journey alongside Axon
We are entrepreneurs ourselves, down to earth but ambitious. We like entrepreneurs who are committed and passionate about their projects and share our same values of hard work and integrity.

Why investing with us

Axon is a diversified company accross geographies which enables cross fertilization of our exit processes, our average holding periods are much better than the average
Axon is a larger company than its peers, our processes and reporting standards are high above the industry
Our track record speaks for itself with multiple multibagger exits and significant success stories in how we have helped companies transform, grow and exit in critical moments
No wonder why many highly reputed investors invest and continue to invest with us since over ten years now.

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